Nyskund is situated on the west coast of Vesterålen. It lies a little further away from the main tourist routes. The town of Nyskund offers some of the best winter sky views in Norway.

Based on two islands Nyskund was an authentic fishing village. Although the main fishing port has moved 15 km away and is now situated in Myre the town is still arranged around a small harbour which gives you the sense that at any moment, a fishing boat or two will return with a catch from the open sea.

Nyksund is mostly “untouched” but far from being a ghost town – there are more than 20 people who both live and work here. In winter, the town develops a nice rhythm where many remain here to work. Winter is also the best time to see the Northern Lights or you could opt for an evening walk to see literally millions of bright stars. Even in the winter on the darkest day, Nyskund has daylight from 9.00am – 3pm.

Holmvik Brygge in Nyksund is one of the best known and most popular guesthouses in Vesterålen. It was one of the first guest houses to open its doors to winter guests. The house is situated on stilts with half of the house resting over the water with fantastic views over the old harbour. The rooms with a harbour view often provide a chance to see the local seals hunting the fish.